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Dr. Squatch Star Wars Collection Bars

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Collection Bars

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Four Individually packed all natural soap bars. Each 5 ounce bar is made from natural oils and contains no harsh chemicals. 

Wisdom Wash Soap: Feel the Lotus Leaf nourish you skin as the fresh, herbaceous scent calms your mind and clears your thoughts.

Dark Side Scrub Soap: Let this dark, powerful blend take you in its grip with mighty Chokeberry, exfoliating Sand and a tempting smoky scent.

Only Hope Soap: Cleanse yourself with this soothing blend of Thyme Leaf and Bentonite Soap that will guide you to truly clean skin and refresh your soul.

Ruthless Rinse: Embrace the exfoliating and rejuvenating powers of Black Sand and Dragon Fruit while the spicy, woody aromas consume you.